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    Ethiopian Loom Project

    Project Loom started in August 2018 in “Max Machines and Crafts”. Eili Levy together with David Aicho Adage and Riky Elkayam built an ethiopian traditional loom, combining contemporary as well as traditional technologies. In addition, a group of elderly women from the ethiopian community in Holon visited the lab every week, weaving threads from cotton, that were used to make the loom.

    The loom is available for users who wish to manufacture fabrics.

    The loom’s was launched on May 13 2019. In the event the visitors were invited to experience in weaving techniques. and later a concert by the singer Kenubesh Abeba took place.
    With the attendance of Holon’s mayor and the Municipality Managing Director.

    Project Loom started from a conversation with Jessy Cohen neighborhood residents, old and new immigrants from Ethiopia that talked about their longing for this everyday activity in their origin country. There is a large community in the neighbourhood that know the practice of the loom, weaving threads and fabrics that on which they make embroidery and sew the traditional Ethiopoan clothing.

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