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    Institute for Public Presence

    The Institute for Public Presence was established in 2015 within the Israeli Center for Digital Art as a new platform for research, scholarship and discussion of art and action in public space. The institute’s activities include the development and promotion of long-term art projects, a program for members of the public, discussion and action groups, screenings and lectures, as well as the archiving of artworks and actions in public space.

    The institute is a unique venue where art and scholarship coalesce into a joint form of action. Its core lies in challenging and expanding the discourse on the meaning of public space in our lives and the role art can play within it, as well as in stimulating research to enable the writing of different histories and narratives with regard to this presence, based on ongoing collaboration with artists and scholars.

    The public space is a place for encounters both planned an accidental, a site of struggles and desires, of bonding and disbanding. It is where the political discourse is deployed and extended, where ideas, political views and propaganda take shape, and where cultural and political relations are formulated and revealed. In recent years, the Israeli public space has undergone a process of severe political radicalization and polarization.

    The establishment of this new institute for research using artistic tools had developed out of the ambition to create models inspired by the art world and informed by academic research, together with other areas of scholarship and public activism. This move expands the ICDA’s activities and the issues it addresses.

    A key activity of the Institute for Public Presence is scholarship and research groups that bring together artists, researchers and others. The groups hold exclusive as well as public meetings on specific issues, destined as points of departure for joint and long-term practices. In addition, the institute supports several artists in developing focal projects related to the issues it addresses.

    Udi Edelman, Founder & director
    Michal Baror, Fellow since 2020
    Avital Barak, Fellow since 2017
    Yael Messer, Curatorial Fellow 2015-2017 and co-founder
    Omer Krieger, Curatorial Fellow 2015 and co-founder



    Avital Barak , Michal Baror , Omer Krieger , Udi Edelman ,Yael Messer.

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