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    Music Room

    Starting July 2017 the Center is operating a Music Room, where people from the neighborhood can learn music, practice music instruments, rehearse and record, or just sing & play music. The music room includes open days, Jam sessions, open mic and rehearsals of various bands. The music room is also used by System Ali for workshops and rehearsals, for the rehearsals of the Scratch Orchestra and for courses of students from Musrara Experimental Music and Sound Art Advanced Program.

    The music room was initiated in collaboration with Better Together as a result of a resident’s forum, in which the need for a home for anyone who is interested to learn and make music, was brought up.

    Music Room Manager Yehonatan Tapiro

    Music Room Manager from 2017-2020: Yotam Halperin

    Previous Team: Nir Atanelov, Rom Stein, Asaf Moshkovich

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