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    Max machiens & crafts

    Max – Machines and Crafts is a community lab for art and creation, founded by the CDA and directed by Eili Levy

    Max – Machines and Crafts is a community lab for art and creation, founded by the CDA and directed by Eili Levy. The lab is equipped with digital, electronic and manual tools, so that anyone interested in experimenting with machines and materials can take advantage of the accessible, welcoming space to test and create their own ideas. The lab itself thus serves as a meeting place for thinking, development and creation.

    The lab is first and foremost a space for the residents of Jessy Cohen – adults, youth and children alike – to meet, learn and experiment through collaborative projects and regular open days. In this way the lab fosters long-term community-building and collaboration.

    The various activities at Max – Machines and Crafts bring community, art and technology together. The lab offers a wide range of tools and supports skills that include long-standing analog technologies alongside cutting-edge digital and sensory technologies. The lab hosts workshops for diverse publics; provides consulting and production services for projects; organizes happenings and events for individuals and communities and works in cooperation with community and arts and crafts organizations. The lab equipment includes a laser cutting machine, a CNC milling machine, a computer room, 3D printers, workspaces for carpentry, metal work, electronics and soldering, casting equipment and more.

    Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 12pm to 7pm, by appointment only.

    The lab is open to the general public by appointment only for consultation and fabrication on:

    Sundays 10am to 6pm
    Mondays 1pm to 7pm
    Thursday 10am to 2pm

    For appointments, reservations and information:

    03-5567892 ex. 2
    [email protected]

    Additional Credits and Supports

    Supported by Mifal Hapais Arts and Culture Council.

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