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    Groups Tours

    The Digital Art Center offers a selection of tours and workshops for groups

    Exhibition Tours – every year the center opens about 4 different exhibitions on a variety of topics and techniques, the tour is conducted by the center’s staff and includes explanations and discussion about the various works, this tour is intended for groups of school age and adults. The content of the tour will be defined according to the exhibition and the time of the tour

    Conversation and Tour around art and community – tour and discussion about the digital art center’s community approach. The meeting includes a presentation of the community-educational vision of the center, a tour of the various projects and a concluding discussion. This tour is intended for professionals and students who want to expand the artistic-community toolbox and seek inspiration from the center’s way of working

    Workshops – The center holds various workshops in the Max Machines & Crafts Laboratory, a laboratory for the production of technological tools and art. The workshop includes: laser cutting machine, carpentry workshop, 3D printers, cnc routers and more. The workshops are built in collaboration with the ordering party and are customized

    For inquiries and coordination, please contact: [email protected]



    Go Go to the Desert

    Since 2022, Studio and Co. members have been visiting the center, developing
    כמה זמן: 12/07/2024-26/10/2024
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    Arduino workshop with Oz Malol

    In the workshop we will learn to build and program a kinetic
    מתי: 16/6/2024-30/6/2024
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    What Are You Facing?

    “What am I facing?” is a question that is seldom asked in
    מתי: 5/4/2024 – 29/6/2024
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