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    Exhibitions (starting 2022)

    What Are You Facing?

    “What am I facing?” is a question that is seldom asked in all seriousness. In most cases, the answer will be quick to come, and will rely on pre-defined, readily...

    The Bison’s Behind – Shir Raz

    The Bison’s Behind is the product of such wonder, amazement at vanished knowledge, the reemergence of which serves as a gateway to a different dimension of thinking and communicating, social...


    The sound and installation exhibition, “Hearsay,” deals with the audible and the relationship between entities through the sounds that surround us. The exhibition explores how sounds and noises create environments...

    How’s it Hanging?

    The question “How’s it hanging” is a commonly used greeting among men, expressing concern, empathy, and a desire for male closeness. The tone of this question implies what lies ahead...

    Irregular Objects – A pavilion by CDA at the Gwangju Bienniale

    A pavilion by CDA at the Gwangju Bienniale

    Light to the Nations – Yael Bartana

    The exhibition "Light to the Nations" is a project that was created in the last year and is presented for the first time at the Center for Digital Art.

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