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    Exhibitions (starting 2022)

    Light to the Nations – Yael Bartana

    The exhibition "Light to the Nations" is a project that was created in the last year and is presented for the first time at the Center for Digital Art.

    After Life

    The exhibition After life was opened as part of the event Who comes after Us 2, a multidisciplinary art event in the spirit of the artist Uri Katzenstein, which is...

    Water Affair

    Move Along

    A white cone of cotton yarn, hand-spun in a traditional Ethiopian technique. In Ethiopia, weaving was kept for men while spinning was entrusted to women. This knowledge was passed down...

    Maintaining the Question

    We all live with an inner desire for reality to return to the month of February 2020, to the specific moment when everything was still logical and familiar.

    Pine Resin

    Pine forests are very common in Israel. These are artificial forests where pine trees brought from Europe were planted and are not suitable for a country that is essentially a...

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