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    How’s it Hanging?

    • Duration of Activity: 08/07/2023 - 30/09/2023
    The question “How’s it hanging” is a commonly used greeting among men, expressing concern, empathy, and a desire for male closeness. The tone of this question implies what lies ahead – is this a friendly encounter or a prelude to potential escalation of violence?

    Creative energy changes throughout life. In one’s twenties, it is intense and explosive, but with time it transforms into something softer. This group exhibition explores the nature of creative energy, what motivates the drive to create, and how this energy evolves with age. Both curation and creation are personal journeys that originate in the body and return to the body, always from a subjective perspective linked to the artist/curator’s physical and mental processes. 

    The decision to work exclusively with male artists stems from my personal desire to delve into the mental processes I undergo as a man and investigate whether other artists share similar experiences. The exhibition confronts various manifestations of aggression and violence, which appear inseparable from masculinity. It is not merely a celebration of a pleasant and secure masculine space, but rather, it also delves into its less-desirable aspects: violence, voyeurism, domination, and humiliation. The underlying assumption is that any act of violence affects not only its recipient but also the perpetrator. The masculine realm is imbued with codes passed down from father to son; I learn from my father how to be a man, what role he plays, and how he navigates himself in the world. He is the paternal figure to whom I relate. This father figure roams the exhibition, observing as his growing son carves out a new space for himself.

    In recent years, there has been a rise in the practice of men’s circles. These circles provide an intimate space for men to share their thoughts and confront their challenges. They serve as a safe environment for empathy, as well as the deconstruction and reconstruction of values such as friendship, ambition, sexuality, resilience in times of crises, and finding the right way to navigate life as men in the 21st century. The exhibition functions as a metaphorical men’s circle, providing a space for men to be men – embracing all the challenges that come with it. Approaching the exhibition as a men’s circle invites the viewer to peer into the complex world of contemporary masculinity. Rather than longing for a bygone era of masculinity or attempting to aggressively appropriate or reclaim something lost, it represents an understanding that masculinity is seeking a new place under the sun. It aspires to be enlightened, inclusive, and reflective, striving to exceed our preconceived notions of what it can be. 

    The artworks in this exhibition can be seen as cryptic writings, offering insights into this elusive and evolving notion of masculinity throughout life. The age range represented in this exhibition is extensive, ranging from artists in their twenties to those who are no longer with us. The exhibited artworks were created during different periods, with the earliest works dating back to the late 1990s, and the latest specifically commissioned for this exhibition.

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