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    News and Updates

    On Friday, December 15th, at 12:00, two new exhibitions will open:

    1. Hearsay is a sound and installation exhibition that explores what is heard and the relationships created through the sounds surrounding us. It presents works, mostly created in the last two months, examining how an environment is created through sounds and noises, and how a situation is constructed—what builds and breaks down our immediate space, and how sounds organize objects, space, and human presence in various ways.

    Participating artists: Nimrod Gershoni and Ira Shalit, Anna Wild, Nuni Weiss, Shahar Yehalom, Tomer Lehem, David LeMaun, Daniel Meir, Shahar Mizrahi
    Curators: Udi Adelman, Leela Rose Berry

    The exhibition is supported by the Goethe Institute.

    2. The Bison’s Behind is a new exhibition by Shir Raz that returns to paintings of prehistoric caves using artificial intelligence technologies, inviting the viewer to meditate in a simulated cave space.

    Curator: Avital Barak


    **The exhibitions will be presented between the dates 12/15/2023 – 3/16/2024

    Art workshops for the Jessy Cohen community:

    Mondays at 16:00

    Art workshops on Mondays provide an opportunity for the Jessie Cohen community to take a break and engage in creative moments. Every week, an open and cost-free workshop takes place, where both children and parents can participate. Participants experiment with various materials and mediums, fostering a sense of togetherness.

    Opening hours of the Digital Art Center:

    Tuesday- 16:00-20:00

    Wednesday- 14:00-18:00

    Thursday- 14:00-18:00

    Saturday- 11:00-15:00


    From Tel Aviv – bus lines: 126,171,75

    From Yoseftal train station – bus lines: 171, 2,5, 72, 129

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