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    Hot Summer in Jessy

    • Duration of Activity: 29/07/2010-

    Between July and October, the Israeli Center for Digital Art will be launching the Jessy Cohen Project with a series of live concerts, film screenings and artist talks in the neighborhood of Jessy Cohen, in collaboration with Lazaros Community Center.

    The concerts are free of charge and feature a variety of different styles. The concerts are organized in collaboration with Levontin 7, Tel Aviv. Bands featured include: Boom Pam, Kashy, Coolooloosh, Kruzenshtern and Parohod, Oy Division, Inga Dingo and Electra, together with local Holon bands from Chevrolet Club and Steinberg Center. The concerts will be held at the garden next to Hageonim Street.

    Concurrent with the concerts there will be outdoor film screenings in Sanhedrin Garden, behind the Commercial Center (formerly Ron Movie Theatre). The screening programs have been compiled in collaboration with Holon’s Cinematheque and include a selection of Israeli films, animation, and more.

    Artist talks will be held at the center’s “branch” in the Commercial Center, at 3 Hatanaim Street. Artists will present their works in general and in the framework of the Jessy Cohen Project.

    Entrance to all events is free!

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