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    The KABOOM Process – Temporary Compositions

    • Duration of Activity: 30/05/2011- 05/06/2011

    From May 30th to June 5th 2011, Artists Meir Tati and Søren Dahlgaard held a series of actions in Jessy Cohen’s neighborhood. On Tuesday (31.5), they produced The Dough Portrait photo series together with local residents.

    The Dough Portrait photo series has been produced in 6 countries and Israel was number 7.
    This time the Dough Portraits were short videos and not still images.
    The first series was produced at The National Art Gallery in Copenhagen Denmark in 2008.
    Then Kosovo National Art Gallery 2010, National Art Gallery of Maldives 2010, Vancouver Biennale 2010, Andipa Gallery, London 2010 and ECCO Contemporary Art Center, Brasilia, Brazil, 2011.

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