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    Experimental Israel

    Radio HALAS will start broadcasting live from the studio at the Israeli Center for Digital Art in Holon as part of the Experimental Israel project. Every week, composer and researcher Dr. Ophir Ilzetzki will host a musician or another artist involved in the Israeli experimental scene. Through conversations with the artists and by commissioning original compositions recorded in Radio HALAS’s new studio, the project seeks to explore experimental music, particularly in the Israeli context.

    The project seeks to create an online archive of musical works and interviews with key actors in the Israeli experimental scene. The archive will be created jointly with the Israeli Center for Digital Art in Holon and publicized through its online station, Radio HALAS. The collection and study of musical works, and primarily the creative work with the artists themselves around the various archive programs will address the project’s fundamental question: by comparatively exposing the Israeli experimental style, it will ask whether such a style really exists. The online archive will interface with similar academic initiatives worldwide, but be a first of its kind in the experimental music area.

    The various meetings will not only try to sketch the broad outlines of each artist’s approach to music, but also try to create an ongoing narrative, so that the exploration would become a bit more focused with each meeting. The project will not necessarily seek to answer all the key questions, but will serve as a snapshot of the local experimental scene, to enable a complex, profound, and insightful discussion.

    All meetings will be held at the Radio HALAS studio at the Center and will be open to the public and broadcast live at Once a month, several project guests will also meet for a short concert, also recorded and broadcast from the studio, and also open to the public. For further details about the project, please visit

    Our program for the following weeks:

    February 7 – Yael Barolsky

    February 20 – Ram Gabai @ Hateiva

    February 25 – Yiftach Kadan

    February 28 – Maayan Tsadka

    March 14 – Meira Asher

    March 23 – Albert Beger

    March 28 – Ronald Boersen

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