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    The residency program “Material Research – Collision”

    The residency program "Material Research - Collision" is a collaboration of two platforms at the Center for Digital Art: the Institute for Public Presence and Max Machins and Crafts. The program's first cycle started in November 2022 and ended its activity in March 2023.

    Over four months, the artists of the program met with researchers from various fields of knowledge to discuss the concept of collision.

    Prof. Hagi Netzer opened a gate to the universe and described cosmic collisions from an astrophysical perspective. Dr. Noga Ariel Glor dived into the depths of the soul and the internal conflicts in each of us. Dr. Avital Barak focused on the moment of encounter between movement and different kinds of obligations and the creative potential of the collision. In the nanotechnology laboratory at Bar Ilan University, the artists were exposed to nano-microscopic collisions of different types of particles. In the materials library in Mediatech, what is known as material was challenged. In between and throughout those four months, the group dived into in-depth material research, together and separately, through various techniques and devices at Max.

    The project was led by Eily Levy, director of Max Machins and Crafts, and Avitel Barak, curator of research groups at the Institute for Public Presence.

    Members of the first cohort: Liat Danieli, Yoav Winfeld, Bar Zermon, Mai Zisman, Roni Landa, Shira Mark, Yasha Rozov and Limor Shasha.

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