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    Scratch Orchestra Concert and Film Screening

    • Duration of Activity: 12/06/2021 - 12/06/2021

    We are happy to invite you all to the Scratch Orchestra’s concert and film screening on Saturday June 12.

    8pm – A concert by the Scratch Orchestra>>

    At home it sounds like this // Danielle Cohen Levy

    After a year and a half of staying home, the orchestra’s members opened their ears and their recording applications to the sounds and voices that surrounds them. With the guidance of play writer Danielle Cohen Levy, each one of them tried to create their own unique soundtrack.

    Scratch[O]matic // Scratch Orchestra and Tom Soloveitzik

    The concert is held in the memory of Julya Almog, orchestra member who passed away few months ago.

    8:30pm – Scratches and Sparks // A film by Michal Shanny

    The documentary Scratches and Sparks s is a silent observation of the group’s special work process during rehearsals for its first appearance abroad.

    Orchestra Members: Julya Almog, Tzipi Dabach, Miriam Cohen, Duba Levanon, Ruti Levy, Dina Menahem, Lea Poni, Dorit Pintu, Shosh Charhi, Ada Rahamim.

    Orchestra’s facilitators:  Amnon Wolman, Dan Weinstein and Tom Soloveitzik.

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