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    Chana Anushik Manhaimer is the winner of the Uri Katzenstein Multidisciplinary Art Award for 2023

    The committee chose the "Institute for Voluntary Dementia Strategies" project by the artist Chana Anushik Manhaimer as the winning proposal for this year.

    Among the committee’s considerations that were taken into account in awarding the award were artistic quality, essential multidisciplinarity, and the feasibility of implementing the project within the time and budget frameworks. The members of the professional award committee are: Alona Friedberg, Yael Frank, Eyal Danon, Danny Meir, along with Udi Edelman – the director of the Digital Art Center that coordinates the award, and Ossie Shiloh as the representative of the Katzenstein family.

    From the reasons of the committee: the works of Chana Anushik Manhaimer are characterized by a multitude of mediums and surprising approaches that go beyond the expected which are characterized by every new project. The winning proposal, the Institute for Voluntary Sensory Deprivation Strategies, deals with technology-information-senses relationships and offers an in-depth artistic-research process that deals on the one hand with the foundations of the artistic and human experience as a whole and on the other hand with creating the critical conditions for alternative experiences in which the audience can experience the project. The project stands out for its diversity and the space it strives to create beyond the boundaries of the familiar, and comes into being in an appropriate relation to Uri Katzenstein’s artistic explorer-exploring spirit.

    The prize grant amounts to NIS 70,000 and was established with the generous support of the Danziger family and Rebecca Saker. The award is administered by the Center for Digital Art and is operated with the assistance of the Katzenstein family and friends of the artist.

    Chana Anushik Manhaimer is a multidisciplinary artist, born in Kyiv. Works in new media, performance, installation, video, animation and drawing. Often deals with issues related to gender politics, technology and interdisciplinary research.

    Graduated from the program for further studies in art, the Midrash (2018). Graduated with a bachelor’s degree with honors in computer science (2004). Studied acting at Beit Zvi Performing Arts School (2012-2010). Presented solo exhibitions at the Neve Schechter Gallery (2022), at the Alfred Institute for Culture and Art (2021), at the Janko Dada Museum (2019).

    Participated in group exhibitions in Israel and abroad (MOCAK Museum, ZUMU Museum, Givon Art Forum, Yarkon 19 Gallery, Artists’ House, Beit HaBar, Binyamin Gallery, Alfred Gallery, Barbor Gallery, Musrara Gallery, Print Screen Festival, MusraraMix Festival).

    Chana Anushik Manhaimer won scholarships and grants from the Ministry of Culture.

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    The committee chose the "Institute for Voluntary Dementia Strategies" project by the artist Chana Anushik Manhaimer as the winning proposal for this year.