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    Relief Printing – Yahad Democratic School

    • Duration of Activity: 20/02/2017- 27/02/2017
    סדנת דפוס בלט – ביה"ס הדמוקרטי יחד

    n February 2017, a two-session printing workshop was held at the Center for students in the art program at Yahad Democratic School in Holon.

    The students experienced all the stages of relief printing, from planning an image, to preparing printing plates using different techniques, introduction to various tools, and the printing process itself using a manual roller press.

    In the first session the students created a self-portrait using a linoleum carving technique, and in the second they worked more abstractly with wood veneer.

    The workshop provided the students with an exceptional opportunity to experience various new techniques.

    The workshop was led by Uriel Har Tuv, owner of Dfus Golem Graphic Books Publishing and operator of the print workshop at the Center for Digital Art.

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