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    Little Big Brother

    • Duration of Activity: 01/10/2011- 30/11/2012

    In October 2011, three boxes were distributed throughout the neighborhood. Each box contains a small TV monitor, loudspeaker, camera and microphone. They all have the same rectangular shape and yellow color. Unlike artwork in the public space where the dialog between the work and the spectator is limited, this project attempts to forge a reciprocal relationship. The screens are showing a selection of programs such as work by other artists in the Jessy Cohen Project, works of the artist himself, video clips from the DAL archive, collaborations with artists and curators from Israel and the world who will be asked to respond to the suggested platform, and YouTube clips. The monitors will also be used as a neighborhood billboards and community TV stations.

    At the same time, the camera also included in the box will film continuously and broadcast the footage to a dedicated website: the camera will document the neighborhood and the website will act as a living archive. On the website, users will be able to select the box they wish to view. They could also view the live broadcasts and what the box screens, as well as each box’s location using satellite geolocation.

    The boxes are used as mobile displays of art and life, enabling local residents to access art and additional content previously accessible only under certain condition. This project therefore seeks to bypass the system based on presenting art in a conventional, dedicated space such as gallery or museum, or carefully selected public areas (such as statues placed by the municipality). Art can be anywhere, anytime – all the viewer has to do is say yes.

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