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    Contact Us

    First of all, it’s fun that you’re here. On this page there is information about the hours of operation and ways to get in touch.

    Contact Information:

    Address: 4 Hamoraim St., PO Box 317, Holon

    Phone: 03-5568792

    Email: [email protected]


    Arrival by public transport:

    Egged: 126, 171

    Dan: 72, 129

    Train: Bat Yam Station

    Opening Hours:

    Tuesday: 16:00-20:00


    Wednesday: 14:00-18:00


    Thursday: 14:00-18:00


    Saturday: 11:00-15:00

    What’s on


    The Bison’s Behind – Shir Raz

    The Bison’s Behind is the product of such wonder, amazement at vanished
    כמה זמן: 12/15/2023 – 3/16/2024
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    How’s it Hanging?

    The question “How’s it hanging” is a commonly used greeting among men,
    כמה זמן: 08/07/2023 – 30/09/2023
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    Irregular Objects – A pavilion by CDA at the Gwangju Bienniale

    A pavilion by CDA at the Gwangju Bienniale
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    Light to the Nations – Yael Bartana

    The exhibition "Light to the Nations" is a project that was created
    כמה זמן: 23/02/2023-17/06/2023
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